Jackson Hole Antler Rendeezvous
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Elkfest 2012

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Heads, Hides & Horns
Northern Lights Antler Art
Trailhead Taxidermy
Creations In Antler
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For more information contact:
Loretta Kirkpatrick
(307) 733-5935

The Headwaters District BSA retains a few antler from the auction to sell throughout the year. We also maintain a stock of antler at the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center located at 532 North Cache. We can also sell directly to you. Dick Shuptrine is the contact for post-auction sales. He can be reached at 307-733-6371.

The only antler sold at the BSA Elk Antler Auction are those gathered on the National Elk Refuge. The auction contents include elk antler and a few bison skulls.

Other antler such as deer and moose antler are sold by private vendors at the private sales set up by the Rotary just around the corner from the BSA Elk Antler Auction. Vendors can sell their antler and other raw animal parts such as horns, skulls, and hooves, but no products made from these raw materials can be sold at Elkfest.

Vendors listed in the Vendor Directory (upper left) sell antler, horns, skulls, hooves and products made with these as well as other items or services fitting into the Elkfest theme.

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Heads, Hides & Horns

Name: Heads, Hides & Horns
Type: Buy, Sell, Trade; elk, Moose, Deer
Description: We have been in business for over 30 years. We buy and sell antlers of all types. Please contact us for all of your antler needs.
Location: Helena, Montana
Contact Name Roy Rasmussen
Phone: (406) 458-6404
Website: N/A
E-mail: rrasmussen@theglogal.net
Address: 5980 Ferry Drive
Helena, MT 59602

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Northern Lights Antler Art

Name: Northern Lights Antler Art
Type: Antler, Lighting, Furnature, Accents, and more
Description: We buy antlers
Location: Sterling, Michigan
Contact Name Phil & Kathy Taylor
Phone: (989) 654-2218
(989) 397-4852
Website: N/A
E-mail: northernantler@gmail.com
Address: 519 S. Melita Rd.
Sterling, MI 48659

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Trailhead Taxidermy

Name: Trailhead Taxidermy
Type: Antler, Mounts, and Taxidermy
Description: Details coming
Location: Derby, Iowa
Contact Name Jeff Cody
Phone: (406) 262-2498
Website: N/A
E-mail: hutnfool2000@yahoo.com
Address: 16362 425th St.
Derby, IA 50068

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Creations In Antler Logo
Name: Creations In Antler &
The Antler Shack

Sheep Horn Lamp
Sheep Horn Lamp

Beetle Cleaned Skull
Beetle Clean Skull

Type: Lamps, Chandeliers, Antlers, and Skull Cleaning
Description: Lamps and Chandeliers from Elk, Deer and Wild Sheep Horns

We use antlers and wood from around the world in our unique antler creations . We sell handcrafted lamps, sconces,chandeliers, & lamp shades. We offer professional beetle skull cleaning and mounting. We buy, sell & trade dear, elk, and moose antlers.

The Antler Shack and Skull Cleaning Service is located in Greybull, Wyoming and is Wyoming's finest producer of "museum quality" skulls and European mounts. We utilize Dermestid beetles to clean and preserve your trophy. We also buy, sell, and trade antlers, capes, and skulls.

Location: Greybull, Wyoming
Contact Name Jason House
Phone: (307) 921-1440
Website: www.creationsinantler.com
E-mail: Jason@creationsinantler.com
Address: 2662 Horseshoe Lane
Greybull, WY 82426

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Wild West Designs

Name: Wild West Designs

Antler Chandelier
Antler Chandeliers

Bear Bed
Teton Bear Bed

Type: Furniture & Chandeliers
Description: Outfitters for Indoor Adventures

Experience the western lifestyle every day when you take home a unique piece of furniture created by local artists that epitomizes the rustic and elegant spirit of Jackson Hole. Capture your adventures with carved bears, rustic signs, cowboy themed benches and stools, barn wood bedroom sets and more. Our exclusive antler chandeliers, designed and created by Wild West Designs, will add drama and charm to every decor.

For over 20 years, Wild West Designs has enabled both visitors and locals to design the rooms of their dreams with unrivaled quality and style. Browse our online gallery or visit our showrooms in Jackson Hole and Idaho Falls to lasso your share of the Wild West.

Location: Idaho Falls, ID and Jackson, Wy
Contact Name Linda Rumsey
Phone: Idaho Falls: (208) 523-8800
Jackson: (307) 734-7600
Website: wildwestdesignsinc.com
E-mail: info@wildwestdesignsinc.com
Address: Idaho Falls
2037 N Yellowstone
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

140 W Broadway
Jackson, WY 83001

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BSA Antler Auction
(307) 733-5935
Cliff & Loretta Kirkpatrick

JH Chamber of Commerce
(307) 733-3316

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