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May 17-18, 2014
Celebrate Wapiti and Wilderness
during the Jackson Hole Elkfest


Antler List - Posted 6/20/13

2013 Antler List PDF (w/ prices)
2013 Antler List web page (w/ prices)


May 17-26, 2014
Teton County Fair Grounds


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BSA Auction page

2014 Auction Registration Packet

Chili Cook-Off Flyer

Chili Cook-Off Entry Form

2013 Elkfest/Old West Days Brochure

2013 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Invitation RSVP & Membership Form


May 23-26, 2014
Come and celebrate the Old West Jackson Hole style


Official Elkfest Product Booth
Get your exclusive Elkfest ball cap and t-shirt early. They go quickly!

Here is the design for the 2013 T-shirt
Available in sizes
S,M,L,XL - $16.00
XXL,XXXL - $18.00

Grand Teton Association - 2013 T-shirt
2013 T-shirt back
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Available at Elkfest

Grand Teton Association - 2013 BAseball Cap
2013 Elkfest Baseball Cap
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For more information
please contact us at:
(307) 739-3403


Giant Antler and Wayne Boyd
(Click to see larger photo)
The largest antlers anyone can remember were picked up on the Refuge and later matched leading up to this year's auction. Originally planned to be placed in the Annual Boy Scout Antler Auction, it was decided to hold them out this year and share them with everyone. Where they finally end up has yet to be decided. They will be on display at the Auction this year, so head on down to the Auction and see these amazing antler.


Saturday, May 17th - Sunday, May 18th, 2014
(one week before Memorial weekend)

Elkfest is a weekend of activities built around the world famous Jackson Hole Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction. It is an exciting time for celebrating nature, outdoor skills, hunting and ecological education and awareness. Elkfest will be celebrating the 46th Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction this year. The first Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction was in 1968. Since then several groups joined the activities on that day and in 2002 expanded to what is now known as Elkfest. To check out everything that's going on during Elkfest, visit the Events page.

Every spring, thousands of elk wintering on the National Elk Refuge shed their antlers before they migrate to their summer range. The Boy Scouts harvest the shed antlers and auction them to the highest bidder at the Jackson Hole Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction. The bidders sometimes represent other buyers, some resell the antler in the raw. Then there are those who are looking for just the right antler for making furniture, light fixtures, jewelry and other crafts from them. Others just want a nice rack for hanging on their den wall. Money raised at the auction is used for long-term projects that will help the elk for many years. It is used for improvements to the habitat like growing more natural grasses, improving irrigation on the refuge and purchasing equipment used for this type of work. It also helps pay for summer workers who spend the summer irrigating the fields to help grow grasses the elk can eat during the winter.

To learn more about the Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction, click on "BSA Auction" above. To register for the Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction, please contact Cliff or Loretta Kirkpatrick at: info@elkfest.org or (307) 733-5935. For a pdf registration form, click on the Auction Registration Packet link in the Quick Links section at the left.

For information about lodging, contact the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce: (307) 733-3316 or info@jacksonholechamber.com

Calling All Chefs!
Jackson Hole High Noon Chili Cook-Off

Chili Cook-off FlyerThe Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce and the Howdy Partners would like to invite you to participate in the eighth annual High Noon Chili Cook-Off. This year's event is part of the Elkfest weekend (Annual Boy Scout Antler Auction) and will take place on Sunday, May 18th, 2014 from 12-3 PM. There is chili any way that you want it: RED or GREEN! MEAT, BEANS, or VEGETARIAN ...YOUR CHOICE! The chili cook-off will be part of a great weekend with fun filled events, so come get involved!

See the Jackson Hole Chamber's Chili Cook-Off Flyer for more information about showing off your chili cooking skills. Here is your Entry Form to join in the fun! The deadline for entry this year is Thursday, May 8th, 2014

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BSA Antler Auction
(307) 733-5935
Cliff & Loretta Kirkpatrick

JH Chamber of Commerce
(307) 733-3316

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