Elk in Yellowstone

Elkfest 2016

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Giant Antler and Wayne Boyd

Wayne Boyd with the incredible antlers he matched


Record Antler Pair!

This monster bull was back on the Refuge again this year. And we have his antlers, and they will be on display with the mount from last year. Will they be bigger thta the set from two years ago? Come to check them out and see for yourself.


Plan on attending Elkfest in 2016. On display will be the amazing pair of shed antlers picked up on the Refuge year before last. The antlers that made such a stir then, are mounted and headed back to Jackson, after spending last year on tour with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Great Elk Tour. This elk is by far the largest elk ever seen by many on the National Elk Refuge. He has an incredible main beam that measures over 5 feet long. He is a 6x8 that grosses about 427" and nets about 412" as a non-typical. This doesn't include the 4-6" of broken tine he's missing. He was given a 40" inside spread but photos indicate that he was even wider. The antlers will be back and displayed next to the "Registration" tent and Aucion Trailer at this year at Elkfest. Will that monster pair of antler be equaled by the pair dropped this spring by this amazing bull?

plan on coming to take in all of the activities of elkfest this spring and find out. this year we will also have a big horn sheep head and a moose head, two things we have not had at the auction for twenty five years or more, maybe never.


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