Jackson Hole Airport Elk Antler Arch Entryway

"Over the years, thousands of air travelers have arrived into Jackson Hole through this archway. Carry on the tradition for your own visitors!"

The Jackson Hole Airport in cooperation with the Boy Scouts of America is auctioning off the historic ‘Elk Antler Arch’ which greeted deplaning visitors at the entrance to the Airport terminal for many years. The Arch includes the iconic moose antlers that say, "Jackson Hole" and "Airport".

The antler arch and steel interior framing are approximately 14’ in width - outside to outside, with an inside width of approximately 8’. Overall height extends to 10’, leaving an inside walkway 8’ tall and 4’ wide. The historic arch still holds the original “Jackson Hole/Airport” moose paddles that welcomed thousands of visitors to Jackson Hole.

$5000.00 from the proceeds of the Arch auction will be donated to the Boy Scouts of America.

Successful bidder will be responsible for transport of the arch and coordinating with airport personnel for its removal.