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2020 Auction Online
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To bid online, go to our online auciton site, and click on the "Register" menu.
To view all of the lots for sale this year, click on the "All Items" menu"


Archived Antler Lists
(web pages, with some photos)

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2018 Antler List
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2015 Antler List (no photos yet)
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Archived Auction PDFs

2019 Antler List w/prices
2019 Totals Report

2018 Antler List w/prices
2018 Totals Report

2017 Antler List w/prices
2017 Totals Report

2016 Antler List w/prices
2016 Totals Report

2015 Antler List w/prices
2015 Totals Report

2014 Antler List w/prices
2014 Totals Report

2013 Antler List w/prices
2013 Totals Report

2012 Antler List w/prices
2012 Totals Report

2011 Antler List w/prices
2011 Totals Report


Wednesday, Sep 9th - Saturday, Sep 19th

Links To Infomation Below

In years past people have asked if they could bid off-site. We were not able to do that at that time. Now you can bid on antlers gathered off the National Elk Refuge online. Read on.

As you may already know, the BSA Elk Antler Auction did not happen in May this year, due to COVID concerns. We explored several options for selling the antlers including holding all the antlers for next year, having a live auction or silent auction in September, or having an online auction. Because we did not want to schedule a live auction in September and then possibly have to cancel it, we decided to have an online auction. We will be selling the bulk of the antlers gathered this year. The large elk with the palmated antler that several people have asked about will not be sold at the online auction this year.

Online Auction

We have selected Auction Frogs online auction service. Our online auction address is To register for the online auction, click on the “Register” menu item. You will be prompted to fill out the form to create a new account if you do not already have an account with Auction Frogs. The auction is live now and will end Saturday, September, 19th at 2:00 PM.


You will be bidding by the item, not per pound. The weight is listed so you know how much antler you are bidding on. We weighed the antlers when we sorted them back in June. We have now adjusted those weights. We did this by disassembling one of the pallets and weighing the antlers again. All the antlers in the pallet had lost about three pounds, which was less than 1%. We applied 1% of lost weight to all of the pallets. The weights listed on the attached list are the adjusted weights. Because you may be bidding on more than one item, each item has a staggered closing time so you won’t have to finalize all of your bids at the same time.

In addition to the standard bidding option, you have two additional bidding options, “Auto Bidding” and “Bid Wars”.
Auto Bidding” allows you to enter your maximum bid and will bid automatically for you until that limit is reached. At the Bidding Close of each item you may choose to enter the “Bid Wars” option. Instead of the winning bid being the one who manages to get in at the last second, with Bid Wars, if an item receives a bid during the final moments of the online auction, the item enters a “Bid War” and the close time for each item will be extended. Competition will only cease once no bids have been placed for 10 minutes.


A short description and photos are on each item’s page. We will have thirty-two antler auction items consisting of:

  • 19 pallets of antlers, three of those are matched pairs
  • 1 white “barn art” skull
  • 3 skull caps
  • 3 individual matched pairs
  • 4 beetle cleaned skulls
  • 1 trailer of broken brown antlers
  • 1 trailer of white antlers

Click the link for a PDF of the new "weight adjusted" Auction Items List

Methods of Payment

Credit card transaction will take place on the auction website. All other methods of payment will take place directly with us.

  • Credit card - There will be a 3% processing fee.
  • Personal or business check - a Letter of Authorization (sample) or funds verification from your bank must be sent to us for us to accept an out of town check. You can send this letter ahead of the check, with the check or bring both with you when you come to pick up the antlers. Without this letter, we reserve the right to hold your antlers until the check clears our bank.
  • Certified check, money order, Traveler’s check, You may mail your payment ahead of time, or bring it with you when you come to pick up the antlers.
  • Cash - You may bring cash when you come to pick up the antlers. We will not be able to make change, however.

Please make checks payable to Jackson Hole Friends of Scouting and mail c/o Cliff and Loretta Kirkpatrick, 2105 S Park Ranch Rd, Jackson, WY 83001.

Receiving Your Antlers

You will need to make arrangements with us to pick up your antlers, as soon as possible after the end of the auction. We would like to have the antlers picked up before the fall snows arrive here in Jackson Hole. Shipping arrangements are totally up to you, however we may have a couple of individuals willing to haul the antlers to you for a fee. Call Cliff and Loretta at 307-733-5935 to arrange picking up your antlers.

Here are links to the sample Letter of Authorization and the new “adjusted weight” Auction Items List. What we normally call lots will be referred to as items on the online auction page. The list includes item number, title and weight. This list will give you something in hand to make notes on and refer to, much like the lot description sheets we hand out at the in-person auction. There will be pictures associated with each item (lot) online on the auction site. We are working on links to higher resolution pictures on the items page, and here on our Elkfest website.

Thank you for your past support. We look forward to sharing this new venture with you. If you have any questions, please call us at 307-733-5935 or email at

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