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Archived Antler Lists
(web pages, with some photos)

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Archived Auction PDFs

2019 Antler List w/prices
2019 Totals Report

2018 Antler List w/prices
2018 Totals Report

2017 Antler List w/prices
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2016 Antler List w/prices
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2015 Antler List w/prices
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2014 Antler List w/prices
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2013 Antler List w/prices
2013 Totals Report

2012 Antler List w/prices
2012 Totals Report

2011 Antler List w/prices
2011 Totals Report


Monday, Sep 27th - Saturday, Oct 2nd, 2021

As you already know, the 54th Annual BSA Elk Antler Auction did not happen in May this year, due to COVID concerns. We scheduled a live auction for October 2nd and an online auction ending the same day. COVID reared its ugly head this summer, again limiting numbers for large gatherings. We are moving forward with this year's planned online auction items and adding bulk antler pallets and various lots that we had reserved for the live auction. Also, we are considering holding a second auction happening later in October with the rest of the antlers from this year, as well as last year's nice matched pairs and beetle cleaned skulls. This second auction could be another online auction, or a virtual, internet broadcasted event. We also would like to know if folks would like the opportunity to have the lots available for in-person viewing, a few people at a time, ahead of the virtual event. Please email or call with your thoughts about a virtual broadcast auction and about in-person viewing ahead of that option:; (307) 733-5935.

We will not be selling the "big guy" beetle cleaned skull this year after all. It will be reserved for our next live auction.


Online Auction Information and Registration

We have again selected Auction Frogs online auction service. Our online auction address is To bid in the online auction, you must have an account with Auction Frogs. To create a new account, click on the “Register” menu item or button and fill out the form. By entering a cell phone number, you will receive SMS text messages when you have been out bid, as well as confirmation of a winning bid on an item. The auction will begin Monday, September 27th at 10:00 AM and will end Saturday, October  2nd at a time yet to be determined.

We are working on the online auction website, but it probably won't have all items entered to view until just prior to the start of the auction. Please confirm your access to the website as soon as possible. If you have issues, please let us know promptly.



You will be bidding by the item, not per pound. The weight is listed so you know how much antler you are bidding on. We are weighing the antler the week before. Because you may be bidding on more than one item, each item will have a staggered closing time so you won’t have to finalize all of your bids at the same time. In addition to the standard bidding option, you have two additional bidding options, “Auto Bidding” and “Bid Wars”.

“Auto Bidding” allows you to enter your maximum bid and will bid automatically for you until that limit is reached.

At the Bidding Close of each item you may choose to enter the “Bid Wars” option. Instead of the winning bid being the one who manages to get in at the last second, with Bid Wars, if an item receives a bid during the final moments of the online auction, the item enters a “Bid War” and the close time for each item will be extended. Competition will only cease once no bids have been placed for 10 minutes.

Click on this link "Auto Bidding" and "Bid Wars" for more information.



What we normally call lots will be referred to as items on the online auction pages. The item's page includes item number, description, quantity, and photos. We will have auction items consisting of:

  • pallets of antlers
  • beetle cleaned skulls
  • skull caps, including “barn art” skulls
  • individual matched pairs
  • bundles of antlers
  • JH Airport Arch
  • mounted heads (2)
  • merchandise
  • 1 trailer of white antlers

We are working on the "Auction Items List", a PDF page with all of the items listed on one sheet for your convenience. We hope to have the Auction Items List complete by the start of the auction at the latest. We will mark the top of the page as "Incomplete" until the list is finished. Once complete we will mark the list as "Complete". We hope to have links to higher resolution pictures of the items on this Elkfest website.

Here is a direct link to the PDF of the Auction Items List. toaday


Methods of Payment

Credit card transaction will take place on the auction website. All other methods of payment will take place directly with us.

  • credit card - There will be a 3% processing fee.
  • personal or business check - A Letter of Authorization (sample) or funds verification from your bank must be sent to us for us to accept an out of town check. You can send this letter ahead of the check, with the check or bring both with you when you come to pick up the antlers. Without this letter, we reserve the right to hold your antlers until the check clears our bank.
  • certified check, money order, Traveler’s check, - You may mail your payment ahead of time, or bring it with you when you come to pick up the antlers.
  • cash - You may bring cash when you come to pick up the antlers. We will not be able to make change, however.


Receiving Your Antlers

After the auction closes, you may make arrangements with us to pick up your antlers starting the afternoon of Saturday, Oct 2nd or as soon as possible after the end of the auction. We would like to have the antlers picked up before the fall snows arrive here in Jackson Hole. Shipping arrangements are totally up to you, however we may have a couple of individuals willing to haul the antlers to you for a fee. For picking up your antlers from Saturday, Oct 2nd through Monday, Oct 4th, make arrangements by contacting Gary Edington at 307-690-0317. For picking up your antlers after Monday, Oct 4th, contact Cliff and Loretta Kirkpatrick at 307-733-5935.


These antler are stored inside, out of the weather and sun, shortly after being picked up. 

Here is a direct link to the PDF of the Auction Items List.

Our beautiful beetle cleaned skulls are professionally processed by Mike Fluckiger at his shop, in nearby Bedford, Wyoming. His contact info is on the Contacts page. His website is
(scroll down on the home page)

We bundled and weighed lots for the this year's auction the week before the auction.

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